Cei de la Killnet supărați pe minciunile din presa românească

Hackerii KiLLnet, sunt deranjați de propagana mincinoasă din punctul lor de vedere în privința atacurilor cibernetice îndreptate împotriva mai multor site-uri din România.
Articolul care îi deranjează este al celor de la fanatik.ro AICi, în realitate site-urile atacate au fost neoperationale timp de minim 48 de ore și nu doar câteva ore cum a fost informată populația din România.
Promisiunea celor dea Killnet este că următorul atac va face daune serioase și va fi îndreptat chiar și către paramentrii de funcționare a diverselor echipamente medicale.
Cei de la Killnet nu se sfiesc să își arate public susținerea pentru Senatoarea Sosoaca și inclusiv pentru Marcel Ciolacul căruia i-au promis deja suport 100% în a deveni cel mai puternic om din România.

Mai jos relatăm în totalitate părerea celor de la KiLLnet în privința Guvernului României.

Romanian government, what idiots you are 😂. You are easier to control than a dog on a leash. I’ll tell you a little secret. No one person can help killnet unless they are part of the team. All the empty sounds from the European commentators in order to carry out sabotage against us are used against them. Of course, we are sorry that you detained the subscriber of the group in telegrams, who has strength and balls, he simply supports Russia!
🙂 And now about the secret: every morning I order coffee for myself in my favorite cafe, I like black without sugar. This bitter taste gives me more emotion to work with. My laptop connects to WI-FI and I start searching. Do you think it would be difficult for an ordinary person to find the website of an airport in any country? No. What about the site of the police or the Ministry of Defense? Of course it’s easy. You need to create a search query. “airport Romania” click, and all links are in front of you. That is, this is public information, it has no secret. So, having caught some guy who wrote “Facking NATO” in the comments, you decided to punish him? Try to catch the rest of my subscribers, there are more than 100,000 of them. But this does not change the situation, killnet remains untouched. As for the Ministry of Health, don’t consider us murderers, we have a head. And we will never do that. Your media wanted an info reason for the material, I gave it to you above. Citizens of Romania, nothing has threatened or threatens you! Do not listen to your politicians, these are clowns and NATO LOVERS. If we need to, we will return at any moment and strike at your corrupt officials! See you soon!

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